Community Development

2-1-1 Ashtabula County

We often hear, "I wish there was one place you could call to find out any services or agencies that can provide help for my problem."  2-1-1 Ashtabula County is that place.  With just one call to this easy-to-remember, three-digit number you will gain access to all community, social service, health and human service resources.  Certified operators talk with you to provide pertinent service information and referrals.


We also provide Enhanced Information & Referral for Seniors.  Our friendly, certified operators will specifically address the needs of Senior Citizens to ensure that they are connected with needed services.  This service may also be reached by dialing 2-1-1. 


For information on available resources, services and programs...

Empowerment Workshops

We should all try to continue to learn as much as we can as we go through life.  But sometimes basic, everyday tasks can seem daunting.  Our Empowerment Workshops are a series of twelve topics designed to help you learn more about basic life skills- all with a movie related theme.  Topics include budgeting and money management, safety, parenting skills, good housekeeping and time management, smart shopping, basic home maintenance and more.  



CALL 440-997-5957 for more information.


These are very difficult and uncertain times... Community Action has received special CARES Act funds to help with the impact of COVID-19.   

You do not need to have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in order to have had a disruption to your household.  Loss of a job, decrease in hours, increase in household costs due to the pandemic, or other situations may have you in need of food, utility, housing, supplies or other items.

Please call today to find out if you qualify...


Just dial 2-1-1 for more information.

New Hope
Currently we have funds to help move you from homelessness to stable housing!

There may be a time when circumstances force you to leave your home and you find yourself seeking a place to live.  The New Hope program can help you to get back on your feet and stabilize your housing situation.  The program provides rental subsidy and case supportive services to homeless individuals and families to help them get re-established.  Together with the New Hope staff, you will set goals, identify barriers to your success, and determine the resources available to help you move forward.


To find out more just dial...2-1-1.


Each year the Annual "Point-In-Time" Count is conducted.  The count seeks to find homeless men, women and children living on the streets or places not meant for human habitation; emergency shelters; or transitional housing programs.  




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