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Landlords – We Are Looking for You!

Community Action’s New Hope program is looking for landlords to refer our clients to.  Now offering a financial sign-on incentive.

New Hope is currently offering a financial sign-on incentive to you and all other landlords. This financial incentive applies if you start renting to a new New Hope client/family. The client or at least one adult family member must be coming to your apartment out of "literal homelessness" which means: the person/s is/are currently living somewhere not meant for human habitation, Samaritan House, Homesafe, or is/are staying in a motel/hotel paid for by a not-for-profit entity. The financial incentive to you is a check in the amount of 2x the monthly rent you are collecting from our client, so long as your monthly rent is within the program limits for rent. The financial incentive is above and beyond any rent/security deposit we will already pay you.



Call Deryl at 440-812-4199 or Jennifer at 440-855-7267 for more information.