Board of Directors


The Ashtabula County Board of Directors meets monthly with the exception of a July recess on the third Thursday of the month at   

1:30 pm.  The Board of Directors, reflecting its nature as a community-based organization and the Agency's mission, is composed of fifteen (15) members.  One third of the members represent public officials, one third are representatives of the private sector and one third are representatives of the low-income sector.




Mr. Paul Bolino

Ashtabula County Community Housing Development Organization, Inc.


Ms. Lori Pawlowski

Ashtabula County Medical Center


Preston Watkins

Ashtabula Area Ministerial Alliance


Georgia Klemencic

Growth Partnership for Ashtabula County

Ms. Lori Lee

Kent State University-Ashtabula




Mrs. Mary Kay Gersin

Appointee- City Manager, Geneva


Ms. Annette  Griffin

Appointee- County Commissioner, J.P. Ducro


Ms. Sarah Bogardus

Appointee- County Commissioner, Casey Kozlowski


Ms. Renee Howell, Secretary

Appointee- County Commissioner, Kathryn Whittington

Dr. Debra Barrickman

Ashtabula Area City School Board




Ms. Raechal Towner

Head Start Policy Council


Mr. David Speelman, Chairperson

United Way Ashtabula County


Ms. Tania Burnett

Ashtabula County Chidlren Services Board


Mr. Ron Loos, Vice-Chairperson

Seniors of Ashtabula County

Ms. Janis Dorsten, Treasurer

Ashtabula County Board of Realtors-Low Income Housing


Updated 4-2021