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Mission and Purpose


Our Mission

Ashtabula County Community Action Agency will help people achieve self-sufficiency and rise above issues of poverty.



Our Purpose

To develop, mobilize and utilize to the maximum extent possible, all human and material resources, on the local, state, and national level, for the purpose of eliminating the causes of poverty and combating existing poverty.


To develop directly, and to stimulate and encourage other groups and organizations to provide services, assistance, and other activities intended to make progress toward elimination of poverty and problems caused by aging; the provision of decent, affordable housing; and bettering the conditions under which people live, learn, and work.


To plan and develop programs which are designed to enable low income families and individuals to become more self-sufficient, and moderate income families and individuals to remain self-sufficient.


Empowerment of those we serve- enabling them to attain skills, knowledge, and motivation to move to the next level- is key in their success.  Each of our programs and services are designed to align with our mission by combating the causes of poverty and helping to change people’s lives by improving one or more of the areas identified.


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